Sights & Sound



We believe in utilizing technology to help share the Gospel and help us be relevant in an ever changing culture. Sardis’ Sights & Sound Ministry Team seeks to provide the visual and audio support necessary to make every worship experience an exciting and enjoyable one to all people as well as keeping the sight of Sardis a good one to see each and every week!


The Sights & Sound Team is made up of the ministries below:

The Audio Team operates the sound board during service, records messages, and ensures that all microphones are ready for use including battery and sound levels.

Talk about important! This team operates the video/graphics projection system during worship services and other events.

Clean Team

This is one of the most important teams at Sardis because they ensure that our church facilities and campus are in top shape so that we can honor God by being good stewards of the beautiful place of worship He has given us.